Vo! is a new brand of organic products, that taste cosmiсally.

We developed: Brand Positioning, Naming, Visual Identity, Custom typeface, Packaging Design.

Our friends treated us with products grown on the organic land and asked to help them to share with everyone how tasty a healthy food can be. One of the important tasks was to stand out of the crowd.

Nos tasted them and realized that they were incredible. In fact, they were delicious.
Analyses showed us that people in Ukraine generally have little idea of organic products and consider them unreasonably overpriced & often ugly. Also, there's a problem with the trust of Ukrainian organic food producers. So we decided to show different organic using as few such words as harmony, innovation, naturality, reliability, and healthiness as we could.

Was the sign in our head. Organic is Vo! (analog of the thumbs up in Ukrainian). 👍

The global mission of such a product is improvement of people's and the planet Earth's health. And it's an important social task for the many years. Not only do we eat tasty products but also supprt the sustainibility. Our friends work on the ground organically over 40 years — it's a cosmical contribution to the great business.

Vo! is cosmical, and here's what we came to. 🚀

The first flight of the cosmic taste was given to our new heroine – a chicken named Ko-Ko-Vo – she and her friends enjoy warm and comfortable organic life and lay cosmically tasty eggs, being virtually free as astronauts in Space.

Try it yourself, and we are flying further and exploring this organic planet Vo!

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