We developed: creative idea, key visuals for outdoor advertising, animated videos.

Nos вривається з новим крутезним кейсом  разом із  Comfy. 

Our task was to generate a creative idea for the opening of new shop in Dnipro. 

Відкриття планувалось у тому ж торговельному центрі, де раніше вже був магазин,  тому головною ідеєю стало грандіозне повернення улюбленого Comfy.

ШтормNos + Крейзі мислення = слоган
It has never happened before, and here it is again.

We had plenty of ideas to show the thing that never existed before, and we decided to stop on the symbiosis of the technic & human. After all Comfy is a home gadgets store, and we sincerely believe every gadget has its soul. Now every one of them literally calls us to the opening & tells us about discounts & presents. It has really never happened before, right?


The idea worked very well in the series of visuals that communicated the offline mechanics.

For YouTube promo we've animated household appliances and forced the hairdryer to blow air through the lips, the iron to run for gifts, and the mixer to catch discounts literally on the fly.

We've also made funny & dynamic animated videos for the promo campaign. One long 20 seconds video & 3 short 6 seconds.

The opening was a little bit postponed due to quarantine, but now "It has never happened before and Comfy is back in Dnipro"

— Такого ніколи не було.

— Точно? Comfy у Дніпрі було!

— Такого точно не було!